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Childline Botswana is mostly committed to helping abused children who are aged 18 and below. We also help parents who may have been abused as children and those who fear that they might abuse their children. Childline also helps parents who are having difficulties with their children. Most of the clients reside in Gaborone and neighbouring villages and are of various economic status.

Therefore the Services of Childline Botswana are:

Public education and information dissemination on child abuse, children's rights and positive parenting.
Telephone counselling is offered from 08:00hrs to 17:00hrs a day and 5 days a week,Monday to Friday.
Face to face counselling is offered on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm.
Intervention on child abuse cases.
Childline prepares children for court.
Childline gives concerned members of the public an opportunity to report suspected cases of abuse.
Childline investigates reported cases of suspected child abuse.
Childline social workers can accompany a child to report a case at the Police Community Service Centre.
Childline refers children to other organizations that offer services to children.
Childline networks with other organizations dealing with similar issues.
Lobbying and advocacy on issues that affect children.
Childline empowers children to protect and take care of themselves where possible.
Parenting skills courses are offered to parents.
Childline offers alternative care programs.


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Childline Botswana
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